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Haulin' The Way You Want!

ATS or ETS2 Driver? We got you!

We have our own drivers hub, third party tracking software and custom mods to help you keep moving. Pull the way you want and as much as you want! With no requirements to our national drives, you will be 100% in charge of when you hit the road!


No matter what cargo you are hauling, we got you! You can pull all kinds of freight in our many Divisions and compete with the other divisions! Keep track of it all in our Custom Drivers Hub! Only you are the boss.

Experienced Staff Team!

Our team of friendly and experienced staff will help you on your pathway to success! We are welcoming you to a family of drivers that treat you like a person and not just a number! We will always put our drivers first!


We are an' all around solution for the Virtual Trucker, that needs full emersion when you get behind the wheel. We give you a purpose to drive for & you can do it in style! With our On Road Tracking software, Custom skins for your trucks and trailers, own drivers hub, paycheck system and divisions you are always ready to haul however & whenever you like! We are always working on improving and appreciate everyone who joins the journey with us! Our staff team is always ready to help you

get going ! We are the next generation of virtual trucking.

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We are an' all around solution for the Virtual Trucker, that needs full emersion when you get behind the wheel. We can take your virtual trucking experience to the next level! With our Custom drivers-Hub, On Road Tracker, Driver ranks and our many Divisions you are always ready to haul! We give you a purpose to drive for & you can do it in style! With our Custom skins for your truck and trailer you are guaranteed to stand out on the road! We have even been recognized by a Retired CEO of a Real World Trucking Company! Oh yeah, you will even get paid! With our integrated Coin and paychecks system you can earn yourself some sweet deals, just by doing what you love. Sounds good? then you should consider applying!

Being both a former driver and CEO of my own real world truck company in the USA, I have had a hard time dealing with VTC’s that berate drivers to the point that they walk from a VTC community. Stride Haulage has been, and will continue to be, one of the best VTC’s around… As a retired CEO/Founder of a real world truck company I hereby officially recognize this VTC as close to the feel of a real company and  give the virtual driver a taste of how a real trucking company works!

~ John "Shockwave" Izzi

Retired CEO/Founder Inland Logistcs 

Escanaba, MI


Stride Haulage™ is founded by the Stride Brothers ! We are a VERIFIED VTC with great respect for the Virtual trucking community! We are a freshly created modern VTC with great respect for the Virtual Trucking Community! Stride Haulage were established by only 2 people and we are now a Verified VTC with a strong community! We are a family of passionate drivers and experienced staff, who will make your stay worthwhile! The goal is very cliche-ish, just to have a good time and add that extra layer of Immersion and fun that we all need in ETS and ATS! We are a welcoming VTC who gives everyone equal opportunities in all aspects of the VTC. We care about immersion, realism, enjoyability and most importantly we care about you. We always strive to deliver the best possible experience for our drivers, therefore we would like to see our fellow truckers, as reliable and compassionated people towards not only our company, but the whole TMP community. 

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  • Must be 14 years of age !

  • Max 3 bans the last year!

  • Join our discord !

  • Use our paint jobs on public convoys

  • Attend a driving test !

  • No duel VTC:)

Ready To Join The Next Generation Of Virtual Trucking ?


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What do our drivers think?

"Excellent VTC, Members is very friendly and willing to help everyone"


"Awesome VTC, friendly staff and members!"


"I love Stride"


Our Numbers

+100 Great Drivers

+4100 Deliveries

+3.300.000km driven

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