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About Stride Haulage

Stride Haulage™ is founded by Syllemylle & Villum !

We are a modern VTC with great respect for the Virtual Trucking Community! We can present ourselves as a Verified VTC with a strong community and great ambitions towards the future! We are a family of passionate drivers and experienced staff, who will make your stay worthwhile! The goal is very cliche-ish, just to have a good time and add that extra layer of Immersion and fun that we all need in ETS and ATS! We are a welcoming VTC who gives everyone equal opportunities in all aspects of the VTC. We care about immersion, realism, enjoyability and most importantly we care about you. We always strive to deliver the best possible experience for our drivers, therefore we would like to see our fellow truckers, as reliable and compassionated people towards not only our company, but the whole TMP community.

We strive to be one of the most friendly and UpToDate VTC's in the community whilst being respected and have a friendly and helpful attitude amongst others.

We want to provide the members of the TMP community with a outstanding experience to make their stay worthwhile. We do that by ensuring our technology and assets are up to date and making sure our community is well organized and managed.








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