Get on the road with next generation technology! Learn more bellow!

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Experience a rich Dashboard! Keep track of our collected progress in Stride Haulage, ranging from Daily, Monthly, yearly and life time stats, the dashboard show it all! Intuitive graphs and models visualizes the data to perfection.

Ranging from job count to employee of the month, the dashboard have it all!

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See all jobs delivered by the drivers. Search for jobs or see the lasts once. With a realistic and detailed job delivery report attached to each job! We also have job logging integrated on our Discord! 


Keep track of your personal achievements in your own profile with a personal log book and graphs visualizing your stats! You can also customize your profile.


Compete against other drivers in different categories. Drive most miles, earn most money or get most points in our own point system! You have plenty of challenges to go at!


We love to attend events with all our driver and therefor want to reward you for your attendance. You will receive points for attending events with Stride!

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To all your jobs you can find detailed information tracked from your job. This is interesting to look at but can also be useful to verify your divisional jobs if you choose to join a Division.

You also earn points from driving, more on that in the "Leaderboard & Ranking" section.

Discord Interrogation 


All jobs logged will also be logged on our discord via a webhook.


Keep track of your own information and stats on your own personal profile page! See your personal logbook and watch your monthly stats from each month. This enables you to track your trucking progress and habits closer than ever!
Attach your social links and customize your profile to your liking.

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The leaderboard system is fairly self explanatory but the point system can use some explanation! You earn points by default simply by logging jobs. you earn 20 points per 100km/62 miles you drive. If you go above 100kmh your points will be reduced by 100%= 10 points per 100km/62 miles.

You can also earn points by attending events. You earn 400 points for each event you attend. All you need to do is make a event point request on the drivers hub!



Rank up by driving! The longer you drive the higher rank you will get! We have plenty of driver ranks for you to achieve. Check out the ranking goals on our Discord.

Once you archive the required miles for the next rank it will automatically be updated for you with a notice in a Discord channel!:)



Compete against your fellow stride drivers! The most efficient driver will be showcased and honored on the dashboard and even receive points! Both 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive points!:) 

You will also receive a special role on Discord!

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