Meet The Team.

Stride Haulage is manage by passionate people, meet some of them.

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Chief Executive Officer

Syllemylle is the CEO of Stride Haulage. He has great passion for this project and have already come far. In addition he is Co founder of United Convoys! He always loves a good chat!


Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Swift is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Stride Haulage! He is a very likeable British man with previous success in running a VTC. He is also the co founder of United Convoys;)

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Co Founder- Retired

Villum is the Co Founder of Stride haulage. He witnessed the first steps of Stride Haulage but is now more or less retired. He also likes cars. He likes them a lot..


Community Manager

Duude is the owner of "Duude" yt channel and is a great lad making awesome videos on the internet! We are thankful to have him on our team!

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Senior Human Resources

In charge of staff and hiring new staff

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Human Resources

Lewis is currently in training for this position. Best of luck!

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Human Resources

S-Dubble is apart of the HR Team in Stride Haulage ! He is a Scandinavien:O


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Event Manager

As EM in Stride Haulage you will be involved in everything regarding our events! You will be supervising the event team, as well as handling invites and manage our attendance in other public events. You will also be trained to lead convoys and act as CC.

For job application create a staff application on our Discord


Event Team

Olly is a part of our Events Team in Stride & makes sure to plan great events for you all to attend ! You can also spot him in a United Convoys Truck around different TMP Events!


Event Team

JC is a part of the Events Team in Stride & is also making sure our events are of highest quality! Is he doing CC for UC ? You bet!


Event Team

Finn is a part of the events team helping organizing and supervising events.


Event Team

Rougelemon is also apart of the Events Team in Stride! He is the airplane voice at all of our convoys;)


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Have skills with codes? If you want to help our team improve with our technology, like our drivershub, then you should consider applying 

For job application/more info create a staff application support ticket on our Discord

Operations Staff

The operations staff in Stride Haulage is a vital part in the daily operations in Stride Haulage. They also house our amazing Media Team !
For job application: see staff applications section for open positions at our Discord.

Media Team

Making our VTC Shine 

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Media Team

Majdi has previous done Graphics Design for multiple E-sport teams. Here are some of them: Riot Games, K7 Esports & Intel Arabian Cup!  

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Media Team

Joe is also here !

Media Team/Designer

Liam is our Skin Designer in Stride Haulage ! Stay tuned for his work !;)

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Driving Examinor

Lonewolf was one of the first Examiners getting trained!

Division Managers

The job of a DM is crucial for the simulation aspect of our VTC. They are in-charge of managing the divisional drivers & making sure that our drivers are always ready to haul! They function as job dispatchers & moderators of the Drivers-Hub.
For job application: request a staff member on our Discord.

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Refrigerated DM

Ghost or Ghosty is the Divisional Manager for the Refrigerated Division. Cool like the goods he's hauling


Heavy Haul DM

Randy is our Heavy Haul DM

bjarne DM.jpg

Agriculture DM

Bjarne is our Agriculture DM

Position not acuired.jpg

Hazmat DM

Division out of order

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Tanker DM

Lion is our Tanker+ADR DM

Position not acuired.jpg

Intermodal DM

Position not acquired.


It's important for us to stay engaged with the whole VTC communtiy, that is why we love to partner up with passionate VTC's who also appreciate the community like we do! This helps us to create great experiences, for the whole Virtual trucking community!

Ecoliner white background.jpg


Ecoliner was formed on the 23rd February 2021 by Henry and Todd and they have come very far in their VTC!
"Ecoliner, paving the way for a greener future"

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Drive Along

Drive Along is known for their amazing events and professional Convoy Control. They are now also a fully functional VTC which we are happy to be partnered with!

-Founded by Frank Hughes


Amart Logistics

Amart Logistics VTC was founded by AmartHelon on the 16/12/2020. The aim of their team is to create a family with respect and love.

-May the roads we travel be as fast as arrows!

MD squra.jpg

MD Logistics

Founded By Toasted Minh Duy 🇻🇳, MD Logistics was recently rebranded and strives to create a more modern feeling VTC, go check for yourself! -Together We Go Further.


Duude Community

The "Official Duude Community Discord Server has been created around the ETS2 content creator called "Duude". Join his server today and become part of the amazing community which loves trucking, simulation, gaming and much more! (We are also partnered with a few VTC's too!)

LKW logo.jpg

LKW Logistics

LKW is founded by Nemisis and Frankie. They have fought hard to get LKW where it is today with a fantastic community!