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- United Convoys was thought up By Syllemylle & Mr.Swift. They had both wanted to take their convoys to the next level and came up with “United Convoys”. United Convoys is an independent group of Passionate ETS & ATS players from all around the VTC world, who strive to deliver great experiences to the community. We think that a great convoy is one of the best ways to unite the community and keep the fun at its peak! That is what United Convoys is all about. Gathering the community for a well established and fun convoy for everybody to enjoy<3 Our amazing team makes sure that the convoys we are supervising are at their best possible level! We are always looking for ambitious people to join the team!


Why choose United Convoys?

If you want to ease the job of creating a well managed Convoy, you should consider booking us for your next event! We always want to help out the community and make sure that we all have a good time while playing TMP! Our experienced team will make sure your convoy is running smooth and on time!:) Our service is completely free and all you have to do, is to go ahead and make a ticket in book-us on our discord to hear more!:) We cant wait to get on the roads with you all!

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Join United Convoys!

United Convoys is all about Uniting the community for great Events and convoys. We put great pride into our Convoys and only the best get to join the team! You will be a part of a diverse community with people from all around vtc's, who is all very passionate about their hobby! We don't care what VTC you are from, if you want to be a part of a great team and would like to get experience with Convoy Control, then you should apply!